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Infertility & Hope for All

Think of this as “a word from our sponsor”….

Periodically, people ask me how or why I wrote Pregnant with Hope. What made me decide to invest so much time and effort in getting these messages to couples struggling with infertility?  The best answer I can give is that it was never my plan; it was always God’s.

Pregnant with Hope: Good News for Infertile Couples came into being in response to an invitation I received to lead an infertility Bible study.  I’d thought I was dropping in on a group of infertile couples to offer an encouraging word…once… and then leave.  But God had other plans.

When I was asked to lead their class, I prayed about it.  Did I have anything to offer?  Anything meaningful to say that would deliver genuine help and hope?  The spirit of God answered me with a hailstorm of ideas – more in a few hours than I could have generated in months!  Those ideas sorted themselves into ten compelling messages which became the basis for the class — and later, the book.

The couples who came to that class were hanging onto hope by the slimmest of threads.  They were desperate for anything that could convince them that God wasn’t punishing them but was, in fact, drawing near to them and fulfilling His plan for their lives — and the lives of their yet-to-be-born children.  I showed up, and God did the rest.

[Fast forward several years….]

Those couples are now “alumni.”  They’ve all conceived or adopted (100% of them!), and they lead other couples through the same journey, using Pregnant with Hope as their guide.  The wonderful thing is that there was never anything special about me leading the group.  It was our decision to proceed in God-honoring ways that delighted God and — I believe — led Him to choose to bless every couple with a child.

God keeps nudging me forward, to spread words of hope to more people.  That’s how this blog was “born,” and the website, too.  Now, new groups are forming — locally, and around the country.  Hospitals have also embraced the book as a way to give comfort and renew hope for couples who’ve experienced a loss.

I hope the messages God’s led me to deliver are helpful to you.  If you ever want to suggest a blog topic, share your story, or learn more about the ministry behind Pregnant with Hope, please email me:  susan@pregnantwithhope.com.

Remember… God is so near to you.  If you invite Him into your story, and let Him show you His incredible love, I promise it will alter the course of your infertility journey — and your life.

blessings always,


p.s.  April 24-May 1 is National Infertility Awareness Week.  If you know someone who would benefit from reading this blog (your doctor, a family member, your minister, a friend…) or visiting the website, please consider telling them about it or sending them a link.  Part of how God works is through you.


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