“Our God is Truly Awesome”

A few days ago, I wrote about the minister and his wife who adopted twins after despairing that they might never become parents. They were matched within weeks of presenting their profile to the adoption agency, and they flew across the country to witness the births of their boys. What a story of God’s incredible goodness!

Some of you who are in the depths of despair over your own infertility struggles may be tempted to argue that that story sounds like a fairy tale — that things like that don’t happen to people like you, and that it’s unlikely to change your circumstances if you trust a God who seems to be failing you already.

I understand those feelings. I wrestled with anger and resentment for years as we attempted to start our family.

So, here’a another story — with a very different outcome.

Jovita Nwaugwu was unable to conceive after years of fertility treatments. She discovered this blog and, through it, the book Pregnant With Hope. She emailed me recently asking for an opportunity to share her story with you. Rather than paraphrase her testimony, I will just post it here in her own words:

“Hello Susan,

I emailed you years ago about how to pray when you are struggling to conceive. Now, I want to share my testimony…

After 7 years of fertility treatment and no success, I decided to seek God seriously. During that time, I realized God does not owe me a child. I changed my spiritual environment and started fasting and praying to know when to stop the fertility treatments. Finally, my pastor told me it was time.

I prayed for a confirmation. It was time for us to start fertility treatments again and my husband refused. He said, “God doesn’t want us to go back for any further treatment.” Even though he had wanted us to go back to treatments, he suddenly changed his mind. I said okay, and I thanked God for His confirmation by my husband’s refusal.

This was in 2014. Then my husband said, “Let’s see what God has for us this year.” This was in April/May.

In August, I found out I was pregnant. Usually, when I’m pregnant, my progesterone level is low and my pregnancy ends up in miscarriage, but this time my progesterone level was perfect. I started thanking, trusting and believing God.

My daughter was born on March 17th and her name is Grace Ogechi. “Ogechi” means “in God’s time.”

Please, I want you to continue encouraging your readers. Your book, Pregnant With Hope, gave me all the hope I needed to go through the wilderness of infertility — and God saw me through. My pregnancy wasn’t an easy journey, but God was with me from start to finish. Our God is truly Awesome and doesn’t share His glory.”

And all God’s people said, Amen.


For more help and hope, visit PregnantWithHope.info and read Pregnant With Hope: Good News for Infertile Couples



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One response to ““Our God is Truly Awesome”

  1. Anupama

    My husband and I married very young (ages 23 and 19), and our plan was to wait until after I finish college degree before we’d try for a baby. One year later, Sameer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and we decided not to wait because we read that sclerosis could affect men’s fertility. The irony that I was ultimately the one who had fertility issues was not missed on either of us.

    I, Anupama – Not being able to get pregnant within the first 6 months was frustrating, but not alarming. I knew that most couples conceive within the 1st year of trying. When the one year mark came and went, I was concerned, but didn’t take any concrete steps toward getting answers with the help of a doctor. I was just barely 20, after all, and I was young and healthy. I was having periods on time, that means I’m ovulating, and eventually everything will align properly and I will get pregnant, right?

    Another year came and went, and during that time, it seemed like pregnancy blossomed everywhere except within me. I started working as a intern in an interior design firm.People around me started having babies. How was it that they could get pregnant when I couldn’t? My infertility shook my faith. I was crumbling and felt very isolated by my inability to conceive.

    I did seek help from a infertility specialist and it turned out, I had not been ovulating after all and i had fibroid issues too. Finally after a lot of internet research and meeting tons of infertility specialists in India, I signed up for IVF Treatment. I got pregnant with twins on December 18th.

    On the grand spectrum of infertility, our problem was solved relatively easily. We didn’t have to go through failed IVF’s. After 5 years, I decided to be a gestational carrier to help another infertile couple who did need to use extreme measures to have a baby. Being a surrogate was my way of “paying it forward,” so to speak.

    Now we have our 2 children and our family is complete. I’ve also helped build another family by carrying a baby for an infertile couple. Now, I continue to advocate for infertility awareness and the benefits of third-party reproduction (IVF , ICSI , surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, etc.).


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