Will You Help Me Help Other Infertile Couples?

Since I started writing this blog, I’ve received hundreds of emails from people who’ve found it to be a source of help and hope in the midst of the infertility journey.  It’s been amazing to be entrusted with prayer requests, test results, hopes & dreams — and periodically, the incredible good news that God is every bit as faithful as I promised.

Has the blog been a blessing to you, too?  Are you one of the thousands who’s read Pregnant with Hope: Good News for Infertile Couples and experienced a greater sense of God’s presence?  Has it led to a meaningful change in your perspective?  In your spiritual life?  In every aspect of your journey?  If so, I’d like to ask a small favor.  Would you help someone else who’s struggling hear the same good news that’s helped you?  I’m looking for people who’d be willing to spend a few minutes writing a review of Pregnant With Hope on Amazon.

Every day, couples search online for resources that can help guide them on their quest to become parents.  You would do them a great service by candidly sharing your thoughts about what’s different and special about Pregnant With Hope.  In doing so, you’ll be paying forward a blessing you’ve already received:  the knowledge that you are not alone on this journey… God is with you always.

Thank you for helping me help other infertile couples discover the good news that they are already Pregnant With Hope.

p.s.  You don’t have to risk your privacy to write a review; you can use a pseudonym if you prefer not to use your real name.  It’s the comments you post that will make all the difference.  Thanks — and blessings to you.

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