Infertility and Acts of God

The power of the infertility Bible study group, and the infertile women’s prayer group, is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced infertility.  What about it is so life-changing?  So awe-inspiring?  So hope-renewing?

A few days ago, I saw a print ad in a magazine that captured the essence of what we’re doing – and why it matters.

In the ad, a woman is walking down a dirt road looking at the devastation wreaked by a tornado.  There is nothing identifiable around her; everything has been destroyed.  The copy reads, “We combat natural disasters with acts of God.”  As soon as I saw that ad, something deep inside me resonated.  I thought to myself:  that’s what we do… we combat heartbreak with acts of God.

We share stories that give hope.  But more than that, we draw on the power of God to drive away the darkness that accompanies loss and grief.  We combat experiences that look like disasters with the news that God is hard at work.  He is the light that will end the darkness.

What makes that claim believable?  Couple after couple after couple affirming the truth of this promise:

“He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother” [Psalm 113:9]

All through scripture, God turns negative situations into blessings-in-disguise, impossibly long odds into certainties, and unimagined possibilities into reality.  He makes woman after infertile woman the mother of a child of destiny.  He is the God who makes the impossible possible – and we are the people who are called to testify to the truth of what He has done.

For the past six months, I have poured my heart and soul into testifying on behalf of God’s goodness, faithfulness and purposefulness.  I have done my best to affirm His deep desire to bless those who seek Him, trust Him, and turn their future as parents over to Him.  I hope that this blog has been helpful and inspiring.  I hope that it has glorified the God who can do anything.  And I hope that it has given you hope.

Will you let me know if it’s made a difference?

Blessings always,




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2 responses to “Infertility and Acts of God

  1. I hope you know that it IS and HAS made a difference in many women’s lives. And only time will tell how many more people are drawn to your blog and into God’s peace by your book and your blog.

    Keep it up Susan! God is using you in mighty ways!

  2. Thank you again for a fantastic Blog . You are so right it is God who is the one who can somehow work good in all things even during Infertility .

    We need more Christians who are willing to bring his compassion and understanding into these places of hurt .

    Thanks xx Anya

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