Infertility & the Unexpected Detour

Pam and Aaron joined the infertility Bible study looking for community and support, and hoping to be among those who conceived quickly.  Instead, their journey took them far from their desired destination.

As they struggled through infertility tests, treatments and repeated heartache – they found the slope of their climb getting steeper and steeper.  When Pam was laid off, they lost one household income.  Then Aaron lost his job.  Suddenly, there was no income at all.  They would have to sell their condominium to avoid foreclosure.  Unfortunately, they were entering a glutted, sellers-only market.  Worse, a nearby condo building was about to slash prices to spur sales.

The money they needed for future procedures – or adoption costs – seemed to be evaporating before their eyes.  They talked, half-jokingly, about selling Pam’s engagement ring to subsidize IVF.  They would have to move in with her parents, leaving behind the community of infertile couples that had encouraged and sustained them.

At this point, it would not have been unreasonable for them to ask, like the psalmist:

“Will the Lord reject forever?  Will he never show his favor again?  Has his unfailing love vanished forever?  Has his promise failed for all time?  Has God forgotten to be merciful?  Has he in anger withheld his compassion?” [Psalm 77:7-9].

They could not see cause for hope, but they chose to believe that God would help them find a way through their challenges and back to the path leading to parenthood.

It didn’t take long for God to show up.

First, they sold their condo – in four days, and just prior to the announcement of a $60,000 price cut next door.  “That was amazing,” said Aaron.  “That $60,000 was money we couldn’t afford to lose.”  They moved to Pam’s parents’ house.  But, within a few weeks, Pam had a job offer – in the city they’d just left.  Soon after, Aaron had an interview for a director’s position – in the same city.

The tide was starting to turn.

A week ago, they spent several days in town for Aaron’s interview, and came to worship.  Several of the couples from the infertility Bible study happened to be in the lobby talking.  Instantly, they were drawn back into the network of love and support they’d thought they would have to forfeit.

It was as if God rebooted their entire story.  First, He removed everything they relied on:  their jobs, their incomes, their housing investment, their network of friends, their church home…  leaving them, it seemed, with next-to-nothing.

Then, He awaited their response.

They stayed in faith and trusted that He would guide their steps and make a way where there seemed to be no way.  And He did.  He restored their jobs, their incomes, their support network and their church home.  Within weeks!

What was the purpose of this dramatic detour?

I believe it was a test designed to show them how much power there is in trusting God, and how faithful He is to those He loves.  And, I believe they passed with flying colors – by which I mean, they made God-honoring choices, “walking by faith, and not by sight” [II Corinthians 5:7].

Now, they’re re-focused on the original destination… transformed by the detour they would never have chosen, and won’t soon forget.  Free of the financial burden of a mortgage.  And ready for whatever’s next on this journey.


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  1. Sometimes when WE can’t see God in the picture, others can. Your summary of their situation may be a blessing to them…a way for them to see how God has moved in their lives when it feels like He has left and forsaken them.

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